Email Signup and Spam

Rant of the Day

Most of the people I work with have an email sign up form on their website. These forms allows users to recieve information and updates via email. Consumer level services are centered around providing a nice user experience. They make it easy for you to subscribe and unsubscribe to the newsletter.

Using Jquery to target all outgoing links to a new tab

This is a simple script I recently used on a project that allowed me to add target="_blank" to links after they were created by ajax.

function addTargetBlank(){
  $("a").filter(function () {
          return this.hostname && this.hostname !== location.hostname;
      }).each(function () {
              target: "_blank"

CoronaSDK Widget 1 newTableView Compared to Widget 2.0 newTableView

Many CoronaSDK users include the Widget table view in their apps. On Friday, I made a simple post on how to move your code from Widget 1 to the new Widget 2.0. After reviewing the documentation on Widget 2.0 TableView, I decided I would discuss migrating your newTableView() from version one to version two.

Properties Removed

The new widget.newTableView() removed some paramaters you may be using.

  • renderThresh
  • tableView.content
  • tableView.isLocked

Properties Changed

Widget 2.0 has changed only one property.


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